The Shoppe

The Shoppe

Monday, June 23, 2014


Bel-Fiori's Rose Shoppe is a family owned business that's been open over 20 years.  It started with Gina, her passion for flowers, all things beautiful, and her community.  Gina Belfiori was destined to be a florist.  Her last name means beautiful flower.  Hence the shoppe's name.  Tragically Gina passed away, leaving the shop to her children Dolan and Evelyn.  At first they both bucked the family tradition until they realized what there mother actually left them; a thriving business that reaches out to their community and gives them an opportunity to share the beautiful art of floral design.

While working here at Bel-Fiori's Evelyn found her true passion; designing wedding flowers.  She moved to Cincinnati this last April and already has a following there.  Working with both a florist and a wedding planner it hasn't taken her long to thrive in the business.  Her mother would be SO proud.

That leaves me Natalie, Dolan's partner in business and love,  and our son Grayson.  I have been lucky enough to not only learn floral design in college but also from Gina, Dolan, and Evelyn.  Many great teachers.  I did not set out to be a florist but the universe had a greater plan for me.  So here I am enjoying every minute of it.

Lead designer of Bel-Fiori's Rose Shoppe

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